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In 2023 I increased my turnover by 220% 


In this brand new, pre-recorded Sales Training I am going to walk you through exactly* what I focused on to achieve this.


*I don't hold back with knowledge. This session is not to be missed!

Join me for this PRE-RECORED FREE training where I will share:

  • The 5 areas of focus that grew my turnover 220% in 2023

  • My 2024 sales plan to double revenue again

  • The 5 key tasks which I¬†believe will be most critical to¬†your sales success in 2024

At the end of the training I will briefly share with you a way that we can continue to work together, if you'd like to.

Whether you choose to work with me or not, you are so welcome to arttend, and I guarantee you will receive huge value from this training. This is a no fluff zone! 

Let's build a sales process you love, that delivers big results.

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Sales Success: Your Way  


I see so many business owners struggling with sales, and it's no wonder when there are so many shady tactics out there. Or strategies that seem to involve you being a high energy extrovert, which just doesn't feel natural or sustainable for many of us. (Me included - big introvert here!) 


But... Sales success comes from learning to sell in the way that is right for you.


I want everyone who feels a bit stuck when it comes to selling to know that you can learn how to sell in the way that suits your personality, your energy, is in complete integrity and puts your clients at the centre of all you do.


And when you master this, it will feel fun, it will feel easy, and it will be the single biggest thing you can do to create more impact, growth and success in your business.  


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Hey, I'm Anna,

I'm an introvert and I'm allergic to pushy or sleazy sales tactics. So, I'm not your typical sales expert. But then neither are so many business owners, and that's exactly why I understand what it takes to get you selling more in your business.

I've sold millions of pounds of services, coaching, and consultancy internationally, and led high-performing sales teams. I've built three very different businesses and each time achieved six or multi-six figure sales within the first 12 months.

Knowing how to sell has allowed me to succeed on my terms, and create a life of happiness, fulfillment, and freedom and I want the same for you too. I'm on a mission to help business owners fall in love with selling, so they can create the impact, income, and freedom they really want. So let's do this!


Hope you can join me!

Anna x 

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  • The key actions I took to grow my turnover by 220% in 2023

  • My 2024 strategy to do the same again

  • The 5 key tasks that you can do daily in your business to help you maximise your success