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Hi, I'm Anna,


I'm a Business Growth Strategist with 20+ years of business growth and leadership experience. I've personally created multi-six and multi-seven figure businesses, as well as helped hundreds of other women succeed.

There’s a lot of noise in the coaching industry but I’m not here to add to it. 

I stand for results and integrity, and I'm here to help you cut through the noise, focus on what truly matters, and succeed. On your terms. 

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10 Strategies To Generate More Profit In Your Business

The Key To Success Is Is Aligned Profit 


Aligned profit is generated in a way that aligns with your values and your vision of the life and business you want.  

Aligned profit gives us the freedom to be, do and have whatever we want.

Profit that doesn't align with your vision and values isn't success. Success doesn’t have to be hard, but you and your business are unique, so there's no one-size-fits-all strategy. (And that's why there are no cookie-cutter coaching strategies here) 


Mindset, Strategy, Action 


When we work together, we dig deep into who you are and what you want, then using my Aligned Profit Principles, we create a strategy to make it happen.

In 20+ years of business, I've built multi-seven and multi-six figure businesses and supported hundreds of women to succeed so I've got the strategy and action covered. 

I'm also a certified Positive Psychology Coach, so by integrating evidence-based Positive Psychology coaching can help you to clear whatever is holding you back, and create a success mindset.  

Who Do I Work With

I work with ambitious, purpose-driven women at different stages of their entrepreneurial journey.

New Entrepreneurs I Service Providers I Coaches I Consultants I Leaders 

Professional Women Exiting Corporate/ New Business Owners 

Getting support early on in your journey can make such a difference to your strategy and your mindset as you navigate the early stages. I will help you set your goals and then create the strategy, action, and mindset to make them happen, either in a one-off strategy session or over a period of months.  

Even if you are very new, getting a profit strategy in place now supports your growth and builds foundations for future success.  

Coaches, Consultants & Online Service Business Owners 

Perhaps you are at the beginning, looking to hit your income goal in a way that aligns profit with purpose, and you're wondering where to start?

Or perhaps you hit your £5k or £10k months comfortably, but your growth stalled, and you now feel stuck as you try to scale to your next income goals? 

Using my Aligned Profit Principles I'll work with you to create the next level breakthrough you need.  


Established Business Leaders

You've grown your business and your team successfully but your trajectory has plateaued and you've hit an income ceiling. Your business model is built around you, so there's barely time to pause and reflect, let alone create a strong forward-facing growth strategy, because you’re too busy putting out fires, delivering to your clients and managing all the moving parts. You know this isn't sustainable. You are ready to simplify, to step into the CEO role and to kickstart next level success. I can help you do exactly that, because I've done it too.

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Ways To Work With Me 

1-1 Coaching 

Whether you're starting or scaling your business, I'm here to help you achieve your goals and grow a sustainable, profitable business you love. We'll use my Profit & Purpose Framework throughout a 3 or 6 month programme, tailored precisely to your needs, and I'll be there with ongoing support as you create huge breakthroughs in your business growth and profitability.

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1-1 Strategy Days

VIP Strategy Sessions give instant clarity and direction, so you can get on and achieve your goals and grow a scalable, profitable business you love. Work with me for a 1/2 or full day, in person or virtually, to get laser focused and leave with goals, an action plan and next steps, tailored specifically to your business. Pre and post session support included.

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1:1 Profit Power Session

Need help generating more profit in a way that aligns with your vision and values? Got questions around pricing? Or on marketing so you can make more sales? Want to see where you are leaving money on the table? Or create your passive income idea? Join me for a 90-minute Zoom Consultation to focus on exactly that. You'll leave with laser clarity, and around five profit-boosting actions, tailored specifically for your business. 

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About Anna


 I know that we can do business the right way AND create success and financial freedom.

We can be purpose-driven and profitable; We can be heart-centred and results focused.  And I'm here to support my clients to do exactly that.

My business strategy, leadership, and track record of exceptional results, combined with a talent for unlocking potential and supporting women to thrive, I hope make me a generous, supportive and straight talking business coach and mentor. I support my clients to launch and scale their own successful business, bypassing overwhelm and self-doubt to take aligned action and create success on their terms.  

My Story

Coming Soon... 

Momentum - The 2021 Mastermind 

My 12 month Business Accelerator programme  combining all of the best bits of what I offer, a powerful community of like minded women in business,  plus some incredible bonuses. And last but not least, a destination retreat. What might be possible for you in your business over the next year? 

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I have been self-employed for 12 years; Anna's coaching gave me the opportunity to stop, look back at how far my business has grown, and to plan going forward where I'd like to be.  Such good advice, anna truly cares about you and your business. a complete joy to work with. Thank You! 

Helen Cook
Alex Kelly

Anna has a real knack for delivering real impact efficiently, calmly, and with careful consideration of individual business needs.  In a short time, she inspired me with total confidence about how to move my social media presence forward. 

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Working with Anna has been a total game changer, everything from motivation through the pandemic to money mindset and setting business goals. Anna is so knowledgeable about all things business! Highly recommend getting in touch with her if you want to really uplevel your business.

Susan Heaton


If I can do this, you can too.

Everything you want is within your reach.


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