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Hi, I'm Anna,

I can help you set up and scale a business you love to six-figures and beyond, backing up your big goals with strategy and good, honest online sales and marketing.

So many people really struggle when it comes to selling. There's a perception that you need to be a certain type of person, extroverted and full of confidence to be good at sales, or that selling means using manipulative or pushy tactics.

But I know that neither of these things is true (I'm living proof!) and that EVERYONE can sell when they learn how to do it in a way that is right for them.  

I've done it myself, three times over, creating six or multi-six figure sales within the first year of my three very different businesses, and I know exactly what it takes to sell with ease, and succeed on your terms.

Selling the right way..

If you don't know how to sell, then it's always going to be a struggle to make your business work. But so much sales training is outdated, ineffective, lacking in integrity, and yes, pushy and annoying!

And so many sales experts are naturally extroverted, high-energy, chatty and enjoy being centre of attention (natural sales people) so they teach what has worked for them, but the reality is that most of us are not naturally like that, we're quieter, more introverted and their approach doesn't work for us either.

No wonder so many good business owners feel unsure when it comes to how best to sell their services. 

But I promise, when you know how to do sales properly, in a way that suits your values, your approach and your energy, it doesn't have to feel awkward. In fact, when you do it right, it doesn't feel like selling, it's just great customer service and helping people! 

And when you master that, it is transformational. From stuck and struggling to selling out and scaling. This is why I LOVE using my signature sales frameworks to help my clients create their own sales process that works. 

A bit about me...

There's a lot of noise about how to grow your business online. I’m here to help you get clear on what really matters to you, and what will work for YOU, so you can enjoy the success and freedom you really want. On your terms. 

In 20+ years of business experience, I've taken three businesses from zero to six or multi-six figure revenue within the first year and I've sold millions of pounds worth of consultancy and services. 

As well as an experienced entrepreneur, I'm a Certified Positive Psychology Coach, fascinated by how working on our mindset we can unlock our power and potential to succeed.

You don't have to be loud, pushy or a certain type of person to sell; There's no one size fits all. I'm quiet, a bit of an introvert and I would rather quit my business than push someone into buying something they don't want or need.  But I've had over two decades of success because when you show up with integrity, commitment, and a great sales process, you can create exceptional results.

I love what I do, and I'm on a mission to help others to create more success and freedom through entrepreneurship too.