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I’m on a mission to support women to create true financial freedom through entrepreneurship by creating aligned profit at every stage of business.

My Background


I grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and studied psychology at University before beginning my career in recruitment back in the days before everyone had email, before social media and when we still had rolodexes full of clients and sent urgent faxes!  That feels like ancient history when you think about how we work today, but I absolutely loved my job, and pretty quickly realised I was good at working with people, good at influencing and motivating others, I loved helping people succeed and I was also really good at creating results and building success from a standing start. 

I carried on working in recruitment for the next 17 years in increasingly specialised markets.  In leadership roles and then for the last ten years of my recruitment career as co-founder and Managing Director of what grew into an international consultancy firm (zero to multi-seven figures, successful team of 25 and clients in 15 countries)

Scaling To Multi-7 Figures Then Quitting


I built that business based on values, an incredible client experience and building a team with a shared vision of success.  I loved it and it took me all over the world and was a really happy experience. 

But when my family came along, I knew I had to make a change and find something that would give me at least the same financial rewards but with much more time and location freedom. 

The second driver was that as the business grew, so did my desire to create something that was 100% mine, so I didn’t have to be answerable to a board or investors, or be pushed to compromise on the vision and values. I wanted to have full control of my own destiny.  

So after the birth of my son,  I started playing around with ideas for a new business venture and during maternity leave, as a bit of an experiment, I started a baby class business, which scaled really quickly and within the first year was turning over six-figures. That gave me confidence to step out of my corporate role. 



Multi-Six-Figure Success Then Pivoting


My new business took off massively. It was (is) a lovely, fun business, totally  aligned with my values, but I fairly soon realised that it wasn’t aligned with the vision of the life I wanted; The true freedom and flexibility.

I probably worked twice as many hours for about a third of my old salary.  It was exhilarating but exhausting. I had a new baby, a toddler and was wracked with mum guilt and stressed about time and money. 

I’d left my career to spend more time with my kids but was seeing them less. I was on my phone 24/7 and was kidding myself that I had freedom but I was literally never ‘off’.  And if I kept trying to grow business that way I was going to hit burn out. 

Something had to change.


Finally, Where I'm Meant To Be 


I knew something was going to have to change otherwise even with all of my business experience I was going to fall into that same old trap of leaving a successful corporate role and financial security for low-paid entrepreneurship and an illusion of freedom. I was not prepared to accept it as being the way it had to be. 

So, first of all I optimised my existing business, I grew the team, I scaled it, I made it much more profitable, I became better with boundaries and I made it work for me. Then while that was running well (with me very hands-off) I launched my second business, my very purpose driven current business, helping other women enjoy the success and freedom of stepping into their true potential, purpose and power. 

As a Business coach and strategist I empower and support other women to live their happiest and most successful life. 

 I’m on a mission to support more women than ever before to create true financial freedom through entrepreneurship and here’s why... 


Financial Freedom & My Motivation


We know about the gender pay gap and inequality in the workplace. But there's an even bigger gender pay gap when it comes to entrepreneurship of 43%. 

Women also report a capability gap - meaning they perceive themselves as being less capable than their male counterparts do.  But this gender-based skills gap is perception, not a reality.

So we have a huge opportunity to step up, to be the change, and to lead the way for ourselves, for our daughters, and our daughters' daughters. 

I want to change these figures; I know that more equality, and more money in the hands of women and women-owned businesses is a good thing for society. 

At a more individual level, I also know first hand the difference that creating consistent, scalable, aligned profit has made in my business and life. It means flexibility, freedom, and choice about what I do and when, where, and how I do it.

I'm not especially motivated by cash in the bank alone, but I am very motivated by what that cash means;  To me, it means security and certainty for my family;  The opportunity to donate, to contribute, and to be generous. It also means flexibility, freedom, and choice to travel, to provide an incredible childhood for my kids and live the life I want, on my terms. And maybe some nice things and nice experiences along the way. That's my motivation. What about you?

Why Work With Me


There’s a lot of noise in the coaching industry but I’m not here to add to it; Quite the opposite. I stand for results and integrity, and I'm here to help you cut through the noise, focus on what truly matters, and succeed.

I stand for generosity, authenticity, integrity and results.  And that’s what you get when you work with me. 

I’ve got a tonne of experience and a track record of exceptional results, and I’m here to help you get the same real, lasting, business and life-changing results.  


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