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Rise Up: The Mastermind 

Looking for the right Mastermind?

  • 1:1 and small group peer to peer support?
  • Led by a sales expert, with 25+ years of experience?¬†
  • A focus on accountability, action and achievement, not just more learning?
  • The¬†right connections and collaborations to¬†power you forward?
  • And brilliant experiences while you build a successful business you love!¬†

If you are nodding your head thinking yes, yes, yes, I have something for you...


Rise Up: The Mastermind 


When we collaborate and support each other, we are able to work faster, smarter and better. And of course it feels way more enjoyable to be surrounded by a like-minded group, there to support you, inspire you, collaborate with you and lift you up. Together we rise. 

Which is why in this Mastermind, community isn’t just a buzz word...

What’s Included:


The group is facilitated by me (there are no associate coaches, although I will bring in experts should you need external help) and there is a high level of support and accountability. 

Together we will work closely on your vision and goals, and create a clear plan of how you are going to achieve them.

Whatever that plan looks like, I'll be there with you each step of the way, to support you and hold you accountable, drawing on my years of experience and instincts as an entrepreneur and strategist to help you succeed.  

Here's what you can expect:


One To One & Small Group Support 

  • Monthly 1:1 Strategy Session with Anna¬†to work on your business growth and create your next 90 day goals and plan

  • Your own personalised growth strategy mapped out on a Trello board and updated monthly with goals and actions, so you can stay on track¬†
  • Monthly Group Hot Seat/Q&A Calls with Anna to help you work through your challenges and opportunities and learn from each others experience

  • Maximum of 10 Masterminders so that I can get to know you and your business as well as I know¬†my own¬†

  • Unlimited access to me in messages to support you as you need it.

  • Group Slack channel so you can keep in touch and access support from each other, and from me, exactly when you need it

  • Weekly accountability¬†check-in¬†


In-Person Days & The Retreat 

  • Quarterly In-Person Days with Anna and your Mastermind (At least two will be Edinburgh, the other ¬†locations will be determined by the make up of the group but will be in a UK major city, easily accessed by rail)
  • A 3 Day International Sun, Sea And Sales Retreat (Lanzarote, November 2024)


Additional Support & Bonuses

  • Access to all group programmes and certifications that I have available ¬†throughout 2024 (This will include as a minimum, a business foundations programme, a CPD Certified Sales Strategist Qualification, and a Sales course as well as my Sales Membership)¬†
  • Opportunities to promote your services to my audience and be recommended by me, as well as to collaborate and promote each other
  • Access to my network of true experts for relevant training and support when necessary¬†


The Community 


Everything is designed to create a supportive environment and to foster peer to peer support and collaboration.

This will be an intimate group, capped at a maximum of ten participants (there may be less) because I want to know your business as well as I know my own. 

It’s going to be a hive mind, of hand-picked entrepreneurs who share the same commitment to growth, success, freedom, and integrity as you. 

The Community 


Everything is designed to create a supportive environment and to foster collaboration.

This is an intimate group. Places will be capped at an absolute maximum of ten participants but there may be less because I want to know your business as well as I know my own. 

Every session will be led by me (there are no associate coaches) and we will work closely on your vision and goals, your offers, your pricing, your team, and your strategic actions, and I'll be with you each step of the way as you implement your strategy to scale. 

It’s going to be a hive mind, of hand-picked entrepreneurs who share the same commitment to growth, success, freedom, and integrity as you do. 

Sun, Sea & Sales: The Retreat

You're invited... 

As well as quarterly in-person days in the UK, a 3-Day international retreat is included for you to fully immerse yourself in your goals, strategy and plans. 

Relax in a 5* setting, enjoy sea views and sunshine with your group as you work on your business.

You'll also enjoy a group dinner, a private yacht charter and a group activity, as well as plenty of free time to relax and spend as you wish over three fabulous days. 

About Anna

It's important you get to know me as I will be leading this mastermind from the front. I am building my business and have huge ambitions to grow in 2024 so we are doing this side by side.

And it really is me, that you'll be getting. No associate coaches and no outsourcing!

I'm a sales and business growth expert and I'm also a Mum of two young kids so am used to working flexibly around family. I'm a travel lover, an introvert that loves people and deep connection, and I'm allergic to any pushy sales tactics. (I also have a real issue with blueprints and copy and paste business plans so you'll find none of that in here) 

I'm a sales expert. And an expert in launching and scaling your business in a way that's right for you. 

I've worked in sales and leadership for more than 25 years, and for the last seventeen years with SMEs and solo business owners.

I have co-founded or founded three successful businesses since 2008, each achieving six or multi-six-figure sales within the first 12 months, one achieving multi-seven figure revenue and all still thriving today. 

I've sold online, offline, b2b and b2c, won clients across 15 countries and five continents and grown and led large successful teams.  

I'm a strategist who knows how to launch, scale and lead successful businesses herself as well as support others how to do it well.

There is nothing I love more than supporting others to succeed, and if you join the mastermind, I'm so excited to work with you on your success. 

What is a Mastermind?

(And should you invest in one?)

A mastermind is a small group who share the same values, and have a similar type of goal in mind. The purpose is to commit to working together, to provide peer support, brainstorm ideas and offer a safe space. 

That's the 'official' part. But there's more...

  • Having been in masterminds consistently for the last three years, I've found the learning from others, the collaborations, referrals and support invaluable.¬†
  • I've more than made my investment back every year, directly from being in the mastermind.
  • But beyond that I've made genuine connections and friendships as well as grown hugely as a person and a leader.
  • And all of that shows in my results as my confidence, my clarity and my business have rocketed.¬†

If you are smart, ambitous and you value connection, (and you are a good person because only nice people need appply!) then this could be a great fit as you strive towards your big goals. 


Who’s It For?

  • Business owners who have huge ambition, value integrity, authentic connection and collaboration¬†
  • Action takers who are not afraid to implement and try new approaches¬†
  • Those who love what they do, and who lead with integrity and value
  • This level of support is ideal for business owners aiming for six, multi-six and seven-figure turnovers. You don't have to be at this level to join, but I want you to have big ambitious goals and help you move towards this level
  • Nice people (non-negotiable!)¬†

Investment Options

 Pay In Full: £9,000

(£1k pay in full discount)

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Pay Monthly: £10,000

(= 12 x monthly instalments of £833.33)

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'The Nice Millionaires Club'


Now you don't have to be a millionaire to join the mastermind, of course not. But this phrase was coined in early conversations to describe the vibe I want in the mastermind, and it's stuck. It's where being successful and making money co-exists along with being a good person!

We are going to spend a lot of time together, so it's important that this is a group of people who you will want to spend time with.

Think good people doing good things. 

Sound good?