80% Of Sales Happen After 5 Or More Follow-Ups

2% of sales happen on the first contact. 


*But 48% of business owners NEVER follow up and only 10% of business owners say they would follow up three times or more! 

Ready for more sales? 

Tracking and following up with your leads is one of the easiest ways you can increase your sales and also deliver an incredible client experience.

People love to feel nurtured and taken care of. 

Grab your copy of my leads tracker that I use every day in my own business and get started. 

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Keep track of your leads and implement my top tips for flawless follow up so you can;

  • Maximise every opportunity from your marketing, turning initial interest into ready to buy clients 
  • Stop feeling awkward about follow up because you have a clear strategy that feels good for you and your clients (no spammy cold outreach or other cringe inducing tactics here!) 
  • Stop missing out on sales, start creating the impact and reaching the people you want to work with and creating the success you are so capable of