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Statistically email list subscribers are 40 x more likely to buy than email list subscribers


That's a pretty compelling reason to build an email list!


Want some help? 


I've got something for you...

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Even your most successful posts on social media, might only be seen by 30% of your audience. 

  • And not only can you not control IF your content will show up in the feed of your ideal client, you also can't control WHEN they will see it.¬†
  • Yet so many business owners are stuck on the content creation hamster wheel and not seeing the rewards that an email list can bring


It can also be pretty risky...

  • On the last day of my launch in January 2024 Facebook bots decided I was being 'too active' and restricted my account for 48 hours.¬†
  • 60% of sales came in that last 24h. Without an email list I may well have missed out on them.¬†


Social media is a great marketing tool but there are all sorts of reasons that I recommend you move followers on to being subscribers as soon as possible

  • You can segment them to serve content and offers tailored to their needs and interests
  • You can control when you show up in their inbox with an offer¬†
  • You own your email list¬†
  • AND remember, an email list subscriber is¬†40x more likely to buy than a social media follower...¬†

I highly reccommend growing an engaged email list to boost your sales. But there's a problem...

  • It can take time,
  • It can feel like a lot of work
  • And a lot of people do not know where to start
  • *It took me about two years to figure out how to build my list in a way that worked and delivered results¬†¬†


So, I have something to help make building an engaged list of ideal clients very easy for you...


Grow Your Email List, Make More Sales:

The Lead Magnet Templates and Email List Building Bundle


This isn't a course or programme.

It's a digital bundle of resources designed to get you taking strategic action as soon as possible and seeing your email subscribers grow and your sales grow along with your list. 

A lead magnet checklist, and a bonus quick guide to email marketing all designed to give you simple, straightforward and seriously effective success strategies!

‚úÖ A collection of TEN different lead magnet templates designed to help you get started quickly. Choose your template(s) and you can either use completely as they are or edit them in Canva so you can include your brand/logo and content.

‚úÖ Ten free and easy ways to list build

‚úÖ Lead Magnet Checklist

‚úÖ Bonus Guide to email marketing all designed to give you simple, straightforward and seriously effective successful strategies!

All designed to help you quickly take action and build an engaged email list of potential clients so that you can grow your business and make more sales. 

Buy the Lead Magnet Templates & Email list Building Bundle

Your Action Steps 

1. Create Your Lead Magnet

With 10 professionally designed, fully editable templates on Canva including ebook templates, planners, journals, social media graphics and more

2. Attract New Subscribers 

Use the helpful lead magnet checklist and the training on how and where to promote your lead magnet to attract the audience you want. 

3. Make More Sales 

Building and nurturing an email list of engaged subscribers is the best way to unlock your sales potential and increase revenue and results. 

I want you to build an email list that will help you make more sales.  


And I want to make it completely hassle-free for you so you can get on with it and maximise on your potential to boost sales and earn more money...   


This bundle includes everything you need to maximise your list-building activities. Quickly. 

Buy the Lead Magnet Templates & Email list Building Bundle

Hi, I'm Anna, 


I help business owners with the sales and the strategies to grow their business and make more money on their terms. Nice to meet you!  

I'm an introvert, don't love to be the centre of attention and I'm allergic to pushy or sleazy sales tactics.  

So, I'm not your typical sales expert. But I AM a sales expert. And an expert in launching and scaling your business to six-figures and beyond, through selling and scaling in a way that's right for you.  In fact, I even wrote a book on it! 

I'm on a mission to help more entrepreneurs fall in love with selling, so they can achieve more impact, freedom and success. 

All the good things! 

Here's to your sales success!

Anna x 

Get The Lead Magnet Templates & Email List Building Bundle