Ready to create real Momentum in your business?

Love what you do, and got big plans?


Know you need more sales to get there?


(You *probably* don't need another course/ qualification/ shiny object. But I bet you'd benefit from high-touch support, a personalised action plan and massive accountability to help you get where you want to be?)

I have just the thing...



  • A small inner circle and the highest level of support and accountability within my Sales Membership.¬†
  • A hybrid of membership, mastermind and 1:1 giving you the best of each
  • A space where we know that the more consistent action you take, the more sales you will make
  • Designed to help you set goals, create your strategy, take action, evaluate and repeat, creating brilliant results and real¬†Momentum¬†
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"I joined the membership on the weekend, attended a training yesterday and made 2 sales today! I've made my investment back for the year already!''

Momentum: What's Included 

  • A monthly 45 minute 1:1 sales strategy session with¬†Anna to map out your goals and your step by step action plan to achieve them
  • Your own personalised strategy mapped out on a Trello board step by step so you know exactly what steps to take to achieve your goals¬†
  • Weekly¬†check-ins for accountability via text
  • Private group chat with Anna, and the rest of your Momentum cohort, for support as and when you need it, and accountability
  • Opportunity to promote your lead magnets to my audience (email and social channels) to help you list build

Plus All The Benefits of The Sales Membership

  • Monthly group coaching/Q&A call
  • Monthly goal setting session
  • 2 x Monthly co-working sessions
  • Monthly lead generation and follow up implementation session¬†
  • Monthly community collaboration and accountability networking session
  • Weekly coffee with Anna live chat, where I'll share what I'm working on, what's going on in my business, what I'm noticing and anything that I think will be helpful to pass on to you¬†
  • Lat but definitley not least, join what is in my opinion, pretty much the kindest and nicest (in my opinion!) Facebook Community going to tap into support, collaboration and inspiration as well as find clients¬†
  • And have regular opportunities to self-promote in the membership
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Member Feedback: Emma

''I have had my BEST ever sales months since joining Anna's membership last year.  Plus she has given me the encouragement and advice to launch the next stage of my business I was holding back from (which has turned out to be a huge success!) I recently launched (and sold out) my first retreats and have also launched my own membership community. Working with Anna has helped build my confidence, she gives amazing feedback and perspective, and super effective sales advice I have been able to implement immediately.'' 

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Join Momentum


And you'll enjoy

  • Monthly 45 minute 1:1 ¬†¬†
  • Your own personalised strategy mapped out on a Trello board step by step
  • Weekly accountability check-ins¬†
  • Private group chat with Anna, and the rest of your Momentum cohort
  • Promote to my audience

PLUS Sales Membership benefits including 

  • Monthly Goal setting
  • Monthly Lead Generation & Follow Up implementation calls
  • 2 x Monthly¬†Co-Working
  • Monthly networking
  • Monthly group Q&A¬†
  • Online community¬†

*Join with an initial 6-month commitment so you can see the results and then rolling three monthly contract thereafter

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Pay Momentum Upfront

£1890 for 6 months

And you'll enjoy additonal bonuses

  • 10% discount
  • Monthly 45 minute 1:1
  • Your own personalised strategy mapped out on a Trello board step by step
  • Weekly accountability check-ins¬†
  • Private group chat with Anna, and the rest of your Momentum cohort
  • Promote to my audience

PLUS Sales Membership benefits including 

  • Monthly Goal setting
  • Monthly Lead Generation & Follow Up implementation calls
  • 2 x Monthly¬†Co-Working
  • Monthly networking
  • Monthly group Q&A¬†
  • Online community¬†
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Hi, I'm Anna

I'm an introvert, don't love to be the centre of attention and I'm allergic to pushy or sleazy sales tactics.

So, I'm not your typical sales expert. (But neither are most business owners, so that is a good thing because I understand exactly the strategy, action and mindset needed)

And, I AM a sales expert: I've worked in sales for twenty five years and in that time have sold millions of pounds of consultancy and services. I've built and led high-performing sales teams and supported hundreds of business owners to create more sales and success on their terms. I have also built three very different businesses and each time achieved six or multi-six-figure sales within the first 12 months.

I've learned to sell in a way that is based on relationships, values, generosity and integrity, and it feels amazing. This is exactly what I teach and support my clients to do. 

I'm on a mission to help business owners fall in love with selling, so they can go out and create the success they really want. I LOVE my membership community, and I'm so excited to open up Momentum to new members and start helping even more business owners. I would love you to join us. 

Anna  x 

My Experience

Member: Yvonne, Social Media Manager 

Before I joined the membership I was coasting in business. Enquiries had started to dry up and my confidence was at all all time low. As a result I hadn't been taking direct action as I was stuck in a cycle of inconsistent selling. Being part of the membership has not only provided me a safe space to ask for support but Anna has shown me how to show up week after and sell - unapologetically, in a way that works for my business. I'm much more confident offering my products in a way that feels right for me and as a result I've made over 5k every month since joining despite it usually being my quietest time of year.

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It doesn't matter where you are starting from, whether you are new to business or already successful and established. What matters is your ambition, your integrity and drive to achieve your goals. 

Who It's For 

  • Entrepreneurs¬†who want to create more¬†sales and business growth online
  • Those who have¬†a growth mindset who¬†are comfortable taking action and ready to do the work
  • Business owners who care about their clients and are in it for the long term¬†
  • Those who will always operate with integrity¬†
  • People who enjoy being part of a supportive collaborative and action-taking community ¬†
  • People who want to sell in a way that is generous, value-packed, human, and most of all about helping, not pushing, persuading, forcing or any other dated way of approaching sales¬†

Who it's Not For  

  • Those who¬†don't care about their clients or their clients' results
  • Those who¬†are looking for a magic secret or a silver bullet.¬†
  • Those who do not operate with the highest level of integrity
  • Anyone that doesn't want to do the work.¬†
  • Anyone who loves spammy, pushy selling because that is just not how we do it round these parts!¬†

"It's such a supportive community, and Anna really helps keep you on track!"

Emma Rowland

December 2023 


Working with Anna inside Momentum is fantastic. Knowing that I have Anna's support for a dedicated 1:1 is invaluable in keeping me on track and motivated within my business.

For me the value is in the accountability and continued growth.

Each month I move forward and the return on investment goes beyond financial, the personal growth is a big factor too.

Anna's knowledge and generosity is second to none and I love having her as part of my cheerleading squad!

More About Momentum 

Momentum is the highest level of support, accountability and help within my membership. It was created at the beginning of 2023 because I recognised that some business owners who are committed to taking big action around sales and business growth need more than the membership. 
They don't need another programme or a course, but they do need: 
  • An inner circle community of like-minded people
  • Strategy, support and accountability on tap¬†
  • Some 1:1 support to accelerate their growth
  • A constant focus on sales¬†

Momentum delivers all of that (and more) 

  • Giving you EXACTLY what you need to make more sales¬†
  • An approach to sales that focuses on generosity, value, service and integrity - no pushy or annoying tactics in sight
  • A real focus on implementation and accountability for those ready to¬†commit when it comes to sales
  • A¬†small, supportive and collaborative group of no more than 10-15 other business owners, all committed to the same growth as you and to selling and operating with integrity
  • A space to share your ideas, get feedback and support and have your questions answered in real time¬†
  • A continual focus on your growth and success with no fluff or filler! ¬†
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Real Results

Member: Rachel, Photographer

With Anna's guidance I've grown my audience, streamlined my processes to save time and money, added new income streams and best of all I now charge my worth! Last year I had my highest ever sales year and on track to smash that in 2023!I keep coming back to work with Anna and every time she blows me away with her business knowledge, loving support and general awesomeness! Anna is one of those rare business coaches who actually has three successful businesses under her own belt. She blends actionable steps and motivation with ease and joy. I love Anna! I've worked with Anna 1-2-1 and in groups and will continue to do so!

I Want In!

Ready for Real Momentum? 


Let's Do This

Denise Hughes

December 2023 


I joined Anna’s Momentum group to gain confidence in selling and loved her down-to-earth approach. Her expert guidance and support have transformed how I run my business. With her help, I have learned to set ambitious yet achievable goals that have pushed me out of my comfort zone. Through Ann’s proven strategies, I gained clarity and focus to drive my business towards my goals.

Anna’s lead tracker has been instrumental in growing my email list rapidly, enabling me to establish more vital relationships with my audience and generate consistent leads.

Anna has an expert eye and insight to analyze your business, find the areas for improvement, and provide actionable techniques to enhance your business so you can grow confidently. Anna’s insightful guidance and practical tips have empowered me to approach sales, resulting in increased conversions and revenue.

I am so happy that I joined Anna’s momentum group. My Goals and plans have been set, and 2024 will be my best business year.