This book is for anyone who has to sell in their business but finds a lot of the traditional sales training off-putting, out-dated and awkward. 

If you’d like a way to sell more, minus any pushy, manipulative tactics, this book is for you.


That book that has been on my to do list in one way or another since 2018, is here!

A real book, 222 pages, 55,000 words before the first edit, and so much thought, love and passion for sharing ideas and knowledge, real world lessons, proven tactics and my tried and tested strategies, all to help people create more success and freedom through learning how to make more sales. 

Read it, love it and see an immediate upturn in your sales when you take action with the strategies in the book. 

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We’re all in sales now… 


No matter how good you are at what you do, that alone is not enough to succeed in business. Unless you have a sales strategy that works, you will always be in struggle mode. 

So let’s get that sorted! (I promise you can, it's actually quite simple when you know how) 

Ripping Up The Old School Sales Playbook 


Forget the sleazy sales-bros, and let’s stop worrying about whether you have to be a huge, high energy extrovert to make sales. You don’t! 

You also don’t have to be pushy, annoying or desperate in case you were wondering! 

Nor do you need to have any complicated funnels, tech or tools!

In fact you will sell the most when you start to show up as your true self, and focus on relationships, value, and integrity as well as take some consistent strategic actions. 

This book debunks the sales myths that are keeping so many entrepreneurs stuck. Instead, I am going to show you exactly how you can make consistent sales with some very simple, consistent actions, by introducing you to my VALUE Sales Framework and my Sales First Methodology

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  • Leads Tracker: For flawless follow up with your leads (80% of sales happen after 5 or more follow ups!) 

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Hi, I'm Anna

I'm an introvert and I'm allergic to pushy or sleazy sales tactics.

So, I'm not your typical sales expert. But I am an expert.I've worked in sales for twenty five years and sold millions of pounds of consultancy and services. I've built and led high-performing sales teams and supported hundreds of business owners to create more sales and success on their terms. I have also built three very different businesses of my own. 

I believe in sales that are based on relationships, values, generosity and integrity, and I'm on a mission to empower more business owners than ever with simple strategies and actions so they can make more sales and create way more successm, freedom and goodness in the world! 

And that is exactly what that book is for... I hope you love it and use it to create some amazing results in your business.

Anna x