Being a solo business owner doesn't mean you need to go it alone - If you want to learn, grow, connect and collaborate in a community with support designed to help you be successful and grow your business, this is for YOU

Do you ever feel like it would be great to have someone you can ask a quick question to or use as a sounding board? Or really want to share the highs and lows of the entrepreneurial journey with others that get it? 

Couple that with accountability, learning, and support, specifically designed to help you grow and succeed as a business owner...



The Collective


A membership community for business owners who want to grow and succeed

  • A community that understands what it's like to grow a business so that you can feel supported, encouraged, and inspired every day  
  • A place to network and find clients and collaboration opportunities so you can grow 
  • Learn from experts and peers so you are continually evolving 
  • Get answers to your questions, right when you need them, so you save yourself the hassle of trying to figure everything out alone
  • Strategy and action designed to help you change and accelerate your results 
  • Whether you are doing really well, or you are facing challenges right now, imagine how much more you'll achieve with a supportive community in your corner?
  • A group where community over competition and integrity aren't just buzz words, they're the way we do things. And doing it together makes us stronger, faster, better, and makes business feel way more fun.

What's Included  

  • One Training/Workshop per month with me on sales, marketing, or business growth topics

  • One guest expert training per month covering everything you need as a successful entrepreneur from tech to mindset and marketing to money

  • Weekly live Q&A with me

  • Monthly networking and accountability session

  • Monthly online co-working session

  • A private membership community on Facebook

  • Inclusion in our member's directory

  • Quarterly business growth challenges to help you take action that's going to move you forward at a pace.

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Hey, I'm Anna,

I'm a Sales Coach and Business Growth Expert, with more than 20 years of experience and I am on a mission to help good business owners create more success, impact, and freedom so they can live the life they really want.

I've built and led three very different businesses  (Co-founder and Managing Director of an international consultancy to multi-seven figures, Founder of a children's activity business to multi-six-figures) and through my coaching business, I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs enjoy more success, impact, and freedom.

I have also experienced challenging times. And that is totally normal. Growth is a squiggly line rather than a straight trajectory. It is impossible to have success without also having things that don't work out.  So keeping going matters. 

And truly that commitment to lean in, to learn, and to keep going even when things feel tough, is where a supportive community really helps.

I couldn't do this without the community I have around me. And you don't have to go it alone either. 

In The Collective we support, inspire and lift each other up. I love leading this community, and I'm so excited to open it up to new members. 

I would love you to join us.

Get the support you need to power you towards the results you want

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We are the result of the people we surround ourselves with, so get around the right people: Like-minded, ambitious business owners, on the same trajectory as you.

Be inspired, supported and held accountable by people who have been or are exactly where you are now.

 With regular networking, group calls and accountability pods, you'll have as much support and inspiration as you need. 

Moving from going it alone to having a whole team in your corner is a powerful transition.  


Live business training, challenges, and workshops from the experts, on everything you'll need to grow your business: Marketing, money, mindset, sales, social media and so much more.

You'll also be able to join weekly live Q&A sessions to get the support you need in your business in real time. 

And it won't just be learning, there will be plenty of integration and implementation too, making sure that you put the learning and strategies to good use and acually create results in your business. 


We want everyone in the collective to grow and succeed in business and that generally means making more sales and more money.

If you've ever been part of an entrepreneurial community you'll know it's an incredible source of collaborations, clients and referrals.  We encourage you to support, refer to and buy from each other. 

 You'll be included in our member's directory, there are regular networking events, and you'll have regular opportunities to sell and self-promote with integrity.  

Pay Monthly


Monthly - No Contract

  • Come in to see if it's the right place for you
  • No tie-in - cancel easily any time
  • Low-cost monthly support, training, and networking
  • Rate guaranteed for the lifetime of membership - no annual increase ever
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Pay Annually


Best Value

  • Less than £1 per day 
  • Bonus in-person Strategy Day in December 
  • 10% off any 1:1 with me
  • Rate guaranteed for the lifetime of membership - no annual increase ever
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Gold Membership


Most Support

  • Limited to 3 spaces only
  • ALL annual benefits PLUS
  • Monthly 1:1 power hour with Anna to get the strategy and support you need
  • Pay monthly
  • 12-month commitment so you can see the results
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Who Is This Training For?


  • Ambitious business owners, who want strategy, support and accountability AND a supportive community as they grow
  • You know what you do matters and you really want to reach more people but you’ve hit a plateau in your sales 
  • You're spending time on social media, but don't have a clear plan so struggle to stay consistent & what you've been doing just isn't translating to sales and money in the bank
  • You might be worried that your lack of sales is a sign that you're going to fail/no-one will buy from you
  • You want to sell but just aren’t sure how to do it without feeling spammy or annoying
  • You want to be seen and to stand out and you're so ready to get rid of any fear around making more money and helping more people...
  • More than anything you want to create success with integrity and stay true to your values


 This is not for you if 

  • You don’t want to do the work
  • You don’t care about the results you get your clients
  • You want to keep doing what you have always done 
  • You are looking for a get rich quick scheme 
  • You want to take but are not prepared to give



‘We are only a few weeks in and all I can say is I wish I had found Anna at the start of my online business journey two years ago! The coaching programme is well structured, methodical and really gets you thinking - and when you think you’ve done something, somehow Anna asks a question or makes a comment and you realise you can go deeper! I’ve learnt things about myself that have enabled me to make decisions that have moved my business further forward than I’ve managed to do in the last two years! The group coaching calls are great - it feels like we have a community of women that are there supporting each other to succeed and Anna is at the front of the pack! She puts everyone at ease and already knows so much about all of our business ideas. If you have a business, or want your own business and you’re not really sure where to start, don’t waste two years like I did sign up to Anna’s coaching programme - you won’t regret it, and I wish you every success!’

Karen Thompson

‘Anna is a breath of fresh air! Her 8 week group coaching programme is already ar end of week 3 - proving to be incredibly useful on many levels.

Anna is authentic, knowledgeable and experienced in business - the programme is covering all aspects needed to launch a business - making me dig deep into what I want to do and how I’m going to do it - in the process building my confidence to get myself out there. Exactly what I needed!

I would not hesitate to recommend Anna’s programme to anyone looking to launch, refine or relaunch their business.’

Gemma Gwynne Stevenson

‘I had hit a brick wall & was lacking motivation & sense of direction. I saw Anna’s group coaching course on social media & was a bit dubious about it as there are so many out there & thought it would be too good to be true. But I’ve been pleasantly proved wrong. Anna knows her stuff & has clearly put her heart & soul into this course. She put in so much of her time to answer any questions & to give daily feedback through the Facebook group & weekly Q&A calls. This course has surpassed my expectations & given me the drive to get my ideas out of my head & into action. The course gives you direction in every aspect of your business & the workbook is a great takeaway. You will learn so much not only about your business but also about yourself. I’m so glad I found Anna’s course. It’s excellent value for money. I can’t recommend it enough & it’s only week 3 looking forward to the next few weeks.’

Natasha Fullerton

‘I am in week 3 of Anna’s 8 week business coaching program and I can’ believe how much I’ve learned already! I’ve identified my core values, who I want to serve, my what, where, and why (you’ll see what that’s about!) my ideal client, her pain points, and I’ve just about created a logo for my business. We have daily fb live sessions (you can catch up when you have time) and weekly zoom calls with Anna on hand to answer our questions. Absolutely the best value for money. You can work as hard as you chose but like most things in life the more you put in the more you’ll get out. Loving it!’

Donna Davies


‘Working with Anna has been a total game changer, everything from motivation through the pandemic to money mindset and setting business goals. Anna is so knowledgeable about all things business! Highly recommend getting in touch with her if you want to really uplevel your business.’

Susan Heaton

‘Anna has a knack for delivering real impact efficiently, calmly and with careful consideration of individual business needs. In a short time, she inspired me with total confidence about how to move my social media presence forward. I would definitely return for more business support. Thank you, Anna!’

Alex Kelly

‘Anna is an inspiring and experienced business woman who knows her stuff. She has created an amazing community of women and is the perfect choice if you need some support to grow your business.’

Helen Hassall

‘I can thoroughly recommend Anna Payne as a business coach! I have just started working with her 1:1 And in her amazing group! She is so generous and inspiring and I can honestly say, we have come up with ideas and direction that I would never have achieved alone! If you want more out of your life and business, definitely start working with Anna!.’

Crystal Roebuck

‘I’ve been feeling extremely stuck and a bit lost this week and going over your course and the emails you send have really helped kick me into gear again. So thank you! You’re smashing it!’

Lesley Henderson

‘Anna’s course has been amazing at making me dig down into the bones of my business. It will take you on a journey that will help you to really understand your business, your values and the direction you want to go in. It is jam packed with in depth content but it’s not overwhelming as you can go at your own pace and Anna is incredibly supportive throughout. Excellent value for money, definitely recommend it you want to take your business to the next level.’

Susan Heaton

‘I have looked at working with business coaches in the past and actually just came across Anna on someone else’s Instagram stories one night. I was immediately drawn to working with her, and I’m so glad. We are only on week 3 of an 8 week online course and the content she has produced for us so far is amazing. She literally has put her heart into this, and you can tell. Also the support and advice that everyone in the group contributes is fantastic. I’m all about community, and that’s one thing that Anna has managed to create.

Whether you are just starting off in business or like me, you want to change direction and need some guidance, inspiration and encouragement to dive deeper into what your business really is all about, I would definitely recommend Anna.’

Jen Douglas

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