Want to make more sales without resorting to pushy tactics that make you cringe?


Are you fuelled by passion, not dazzled by the flash and noise of typical sales hype?


You know you need more sales to fulfil your big dreams, but the thought of adopting high-pressure, inauthentic strategies goes against everything you stand for.


You *probably* don't need another course/ qualification/ shiny object. But I bet you'd benefit from support, accountability and consistent action to help you get where you want to be?


This isn't just another course, programme, or the latest shiny object that demands countless hours without clear returns. Instead, what I'm offering is a straightforward path to action and tangible ROI - and fast. It's not unusual for my members to recoup their investment in just a matter of days by implementing the strategies and taking consistent action


Here’s the truth: you don't have to shout to be heard. And if you’re an introvert (like me!) you don't have to morph into an extrovert to succeed. What you need is a supportive community, real accountability, and a consistent, genuine approach to sales.


This is where The Sales Membership comes in…

 ''I've made over £5k every month since joining despite it usually being my quietest time of year.''
 “2023 was my highest ever sales year, thanks to Anna’s guidance and I’m on track to smash that in 2024”
 ''I've had my best ever sales months since joining The Membership. Amazing feedback and sales advice''
I am READY - Let me in!

Imagine joining forces with a dynamic community of entrepreneurs, each ambitious and driven by the same commitment to heart-led business and integrity. Together, you're not just making more sales - you're creating more impact, more success. This is The Sales Membership, and we are waiting for you to join us. 

Choose your ideal match from three membership tiers: start with Essentials for that solid, foundational groundwork, step up to Boost for more personalised support, or join Momentum to build in one to one and the most advanced, immersive experience.


It's all about what works for you right now and meeting yourself where you’re at. No pressure, just the right support to match your journey. 


Let's find your sweet spot and start celebrating your sales wins!

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You don’t have to be the life of the party or fake it till you make it in sales. Not here.


Say goodbye to those pushy, worn-out tactics - no cold messaging, no awkward objection handling, none of that. Why? Because sales shouldn't feel like a chore or something that goes against your grain.

Instead, I take a no-nonsense, step-by-step approach that’s rooted in generosity and integrity. It’s all about building meaningful, long-term relationships with your clients. Real connections, real results - without the discomfort and the sleaze.


That's sales done right, don't you think?

It's not just about learning - it's about action that brings real, tangible results. 


Here’s how I make sure you see the success you’re after:

  • Action-Oriented Strategy: We don't just dream; we do. You'll set clear goals, craft actionable strategies, and take steps that lead to real, measurable results.
  • Consistency in Sales: Say hello to steady growth. I'll guide you through setting goals, creating strategies, taking action, evaluating, and refining your approach.
  • Collaborative Community: Join a group of driven business owners, all focused on mutual growth. Here, you’re among friends who get it.
  • Direct Feedback & Support: Stuck? Got questions? Get answers. I’m here to provide the feedback and support you need.
  • Focused on Tangible, Measurable Growth: I cut through the noise. No fluff, no filler - just a continual focus on what really moves the needle in your business. 


And there’s more… 


It’s important to have a step by step ‘how-to’ guide when it comes to sales. But I didn’t just want to create another course and give you more learning without real implementation. I want to deliver this knowledge in a way that is dynamic and that gives you accountability and support as you learn, implement, test and refine over a period of time. 


Which is why I am going to deliver this step by step sales strategy training live into my membership, so it can be backed up with implementation and support.  


If you join any tier (or if you are a current member) over the next six months I am going to be walking you through a six part sales process - and you are invited to come along on the journey!  


There will be a live training each month, and a focus on action and accountability around that step in the membership.  


Available immediately upon joining: Goal Setting 

Dive into the cornerstone of a successful sales strategy. Discover how creating powerful, purposeful visions which can then translate into clear, achievable goals is the foundation upon which all your sales efforts are built, guiding your actions and leading to your success. Because without a goal, there is no strategy!


January: Messaging That Resonates

Learn how to communicate in a way that speaks straight into the hearts of your ideal clients, forging deep connections and setting the foundation for successful sales.


February: Visibility & Building an Audience

Discover how to increase your visibility and organically grow a loyal audience who aren’t just eager to hear from you, but who actively seek you out online to see what you’re talking about.


March: Mastering Lead Generation

Unlock highly effective techniques to attract and capture high-quality leads that are the lifeblood of your business’s growth.


April: Creating Offers That Convert

Learn how to design irresistible, “can’t-say-no” offers that align perfectly with your audience's needs and desires, driving conversions, boosting sales, and making a real impact.


May: Following Up

Take my strategies to follow up with leads in a way that feels authentic and genuine rather than pushy and desperate, leading to a significant increase in your conversion rates.


June: Upselling with Confidence

Learn how to upsell effectively to the right people, maximising the value of each interaction for both you and your clients.


Want to be part of it? All you have to do is join!

Choose the right level of membership for you...

£25 Monthly or £250 Annually

Welcome to your sales journey! This tier is perfect for dipping your toes into the membership. You can sign up for just £15 a month, it's the best value out there. 

You'll get:

  • Monthly Goal Setting & Action Planning: Live sessions with me, Anna. Set your goals and map out actions, so you're always moving forward with clarity and purpose.
  • Weekly Live Insights: Join me for weekly deep dives into sales trends and real-time business insights, so you stay ahead of the curve and apply what works.
  • Monthly Resources & Strategies: Get new resources or strategies each month to kick-start your results, ensuring you're always equipped with fresh, effective tools for sales success.
  • Exclusive Learning Portal & Community Access: Access the learning portal and a private Facebook community to connect, share, and learn from like-minded entrepreneurs, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual support.
  • Twice Monthly Co-Working Sessions: Engage in twice-a-month co-working sessions for productivity boosts, and enjoy regular networking for accountability and peer support, helping you stay focused and connected.
  • Promotional Opportunities: Promote your lead magnets to my audience and your offers within the group at specific times, so you can expand your reach and grow your list effectively.
Join Annually for £250
Join Monthly for £15

£50 Monthly or £500 Annually

Boost is tailor-made for those ready to escalate their sales game. Here's how this tier takes you further. 

You get absolutely everything from Sales Essentials, PLUS:

  • Continue Building on the Solid Foundation you've established in Essentials.
  • Monthly Training & Hotseat Coaching Calls with Anna: Dive into specialised training and personalised coaching, so you can focus on your most significant opportunities and tackle any challenges head-on with expert guidance.
  • Monthly Live Leads Implementation Session: Actively work on generating and following up on leads during the call, leading to actual sales - in real time! Be in this session to turn prospects into profits while you work.
  • Exclusive Discounts: Whether it’s 1:1 work with me, or my courses, programmes, or events, you’ll get special rates on additional services and offerings, so you can continue your growth journey affordably and effectively.
Join Boost Annually - £500
Join Boost Monthly - £50 per month

£350 Monthly or £1890 For 6 months

Momentum is designed for those who are serious about fast-tracking their sales success and want the support to do it. 

With only 12 spots overall (and 4 available right now), it offers intensive, personalised support:

All Benefits of Essentials and Boost, PLUS: Build on your existing progress with even more comprehensive support and resources.

  • Quarterly 90-Minute 1:1 Sales Strategy Session with Anna: Receive personalised, in-depth strategy planning so that you can precisely target your sales goals and refine your approach for maximum effectiveness.
  • Access to a Small Group Chat for Daily Support and Accountability: Stay motivated and on track with daily interaction, fostering a supportive and accountable environment.
  • Weekly Accountability Check-Ins: Regular check-ins keep you focused and on course towards your sales targets, ensuring consistent progress.
  • Personalised 90-Day Action Plan: Receive a custom-tailored action plan for clear, actionable steps towards your goals, enhancing your focus and direction.
  • A Blend of Membership Perks, Mastermind Camaraderie, and 1:1 Guidance: Enjoy the unique combination of community support, peer learning, and individual coaching for a well-rounded and effective growth experience.


More Details Plus Choose Monthly or 6m
Join Monthly for £25
Join Boost Monthly - £50 per month

Meet your Host...

Hi, I'm Anna.

I'm an introvert, quite happy to avoid the limelight, and absolutely loathe anything that smells like high-pressure or pushy sales tactics. 

You might be wondering, "she doesn’t seem like the type of sales expert I’m used to…" - true, and I wear that badge with pride.

I’m here to put the “nice” back into sales! Despite my atypical profile, I hold an impressive track record in sales: over 25 years in the industry, during which I've sold millions of pounds worth of consultancy and services. I've assembled and led superstar sales teams and aided hundreds of entrepreneurs to boost their sales and triumph - all on their terms. I've built three vastly different businesses, each achieving 6 or multi 6-figure sales within the first year!

My passion is helping business owners like you not just get comfortable with sales, but to fall head over heels for it! Because when you do, that's when you truly start making an impact, creating the income you desire, and stepping into the freedom you've always wanted.

My membership community fills my heart with joy, and I'm super excited to welcome new members into our fold to create some serious business transformation. 

I’d love you to join us!

Anna x

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Client Results

Member: Yvonne, Social Media Manager 

Before I joined the membership I was coasting in business. Enquiries had started to dry up and my confidence was at all all time low. Being part of the membership has not only provided me a safe space to ask for support but Anna has shown me how to show up week after week and sell in a way that works. I'm much more confident offering my products and as a result I've made over £5k every month since joining despite it usually being my quietest time of year.

My Experience

Member: Emma, Retreat Facilitator & Coach

I have had my BEST ever sales months since joining Anna's membership last year.  Plus she gave me the encouragement and advice to launch the next stage of my business I was holding back from (which has turned out to be a huge success!) I recently launched (and sold out) my retreat and have also launched my own membership community. Working with Anna has helped build my confidence, she gives amazing feedback and perspective, and super effective sales advice I have been able to implement immediately.

Real Results

Member: Rachel, Photographer

With Anna's guidance I've grown my audience, streamlined my processes to save time and money, added new income streams and best of all I now charge my worth! Last year I had my highest ever sales year and on track to smash that in 2023!I keep coming back to work with Anna and every time she blows me away with her business knowledge, loving support and general awesomeness! Anna is one of those rare business coaches who actually has three successful businesses under her own belt. She blends actionable steps and motivation with ease and joy. I love Anna! I've worked with Anna 1-2-1 and in groups and will continue to do so!

Are You Joining us Inside? 

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